Enter a simple cutting list

Once you have selected your units, and entered your material size, return to the Data Entry page. You may need to select your new material size from the pull down list.

Now, time to enter panels to be cut.

We can name the cutting list at the top left. By default, this field has the text “Project:”

We can also enter the name and the thickness of the material. (These fields are only a reference for the person doing the cutting, and do not effect the cutting optimisation at all).

Next, we enter panels.

Place the cursor in the “Name” field, and type in a name for the panels.

You can leave this blank, but it may help if you identify the panels as you enter them.

From there, use the tab key to move across to the “Qty” field. If you have multiple panels all the same size, this is the place to enter the quantity.

Tab again to the “Height” field, and enter that dimension, and again with the “Width” field.

Now you can either use the Enter key to commit this data, or click the “Enter” button.

Once you press Enter, the cursor returns to the beginning of the line, and the data is copied into the cutting list table below.

Note that the information in the data entry fields has not been deleted- it is generally the case that on most cutting lists there is often repeated information, and it is easier to modify the previous entry than to re-enter the same data.

As you tab from one field to the next, the entire contents are selected; you don’t need to delete the old data, but simply over-write it.

Once you have entered your first panels, the “Optimise” button becomes active.  There is now enough information to run an optimisation if you choose, however you may wish to keep entering panels at this stage.

Once you have a few panels entered, press the “Optimise” button.