Importing and Exporting spreadsheet files

CabinetCut has the facility to export and import .csv files, which can be opened in any spreadsheet application.

Export your cutting list from the File menu, by choosing Export.csv

You can then open this file from your spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel.

You can use this format to create cutting lists in Excel, and import them into CabinetCut. You must use the format exactly, otherwise the import will fail.

Use this format if you wish to use different sheet sizes, or change the kerf, or use the edging function in your cutting list.

There is a simpler format, where you can import panel sizes and quantity only.  With this format, all other settings must be set manually.

This format is: Qty,Height,Width,Name(optional)

The name is last, and is optional.

There should be no column headings,and no space at the top.

Make sure that when you save the file from Excel, you save it in .csv format.

To import a .csv file, from the File menu select Import .csv