The Output

Once you have pressed the “Optimise” button, you will be taken to the Output page, where you can see the results of the optimisation.

At the top left is the information about the optimisation, such as the date, and the project, and the material, as well as how many sheets are required, yield etc.

The #patterns shows that there are 2 different patterns to be cut.  This is not necessarily the same as the amount of sheets required.  With larger cutting lists, CabinetCut will endeavour to cut multiple sheets with the same pattern if possible. Rather than having to print out a separate page for each duplicated sheet, CabinetCut only shows the first sheet, and lets you know that you need to cut multiples of it.

Under each sheet, there is the information for that sheet, which includes the “Qty : 1” which indicates how may of these sheets you need to cut.